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Identify and leverage key opportunities in voice

Conversational interfaces are here to stay. Make sure you are right there where your users are.

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Develop a strategy for voice

We work with you to identify, leverage and capitalize your presence in voice platforms. Overall, there are over 1 billion voice assistants enabled devices.

  • Voice Search
    Google has said that 20% of its mobile queries are voice searches.
  • Voice Commerce
    1.8 billion was transacted by voice in 2017 in the U.S
  • Voice in cars
    51% of users use a smart assistant in their cars. The largest of all other locations

Repurpose your content for voice

Voice is a new platform that will need creative formats and new ways of communicating, but that doesn't mean you can not reuse your content in the new platform.

  • Blog posts, media
    Text based formats can leverage smart speakers
  • Audio content
    We work with in repurposing your audio content to voice platforms
  • Podcasts, radio stations
    Need a station or podcast on Alexa or Google Home? We can help

Our Services

From strategy to repurposing your content to voice platforms, we are here for you.

VOICE strategy

Identify key opportunities in voice platforms. Navigating this new ecosystem and identify where you can capitalize for your services and your brand. We help you unleash the key strategies.

VOICE apps development

With a talented team of voice enthusiast we can develop custom applications for you in the emerging voice platforms. Always having into account your specific needs. Get in touch today.

repurpose your content

Connect your content with millions of users in Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and other smart assistants. Whether text or audio content we help you tailored to the news voice channels.

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